Gardening Supplies

Before you begin any garden, you have to make sure you have the right supplies. If you start digging up your yard and find out that you need a garden hoe to do this and a trowel to do that and you don't have those tools, you will be stuck with an ugly yard and nothing to do. Before you start anything, you need to be prepared.

In order to figure out what you need, go through the steps of the gardening process and figure out what is necessary for each step. First, you need to cultivate the plot and prepare the soil. In order to do this, you will need a tiller. A tiller is motorized and easily breaks up the ground before you. They are very efficient and easy to use, but can be expensive.


If you don't have the budget for a till, you can replace it with several tools. Of course, you will need a shovel for the initial digging. If you have especially tough, rocky land, you may need a pickax to help you with the initial digging. Once you've broken up most of the dirt and removed the tough grass on top, a garden hoe will be necessary to further break up the soil.

A hoe is small on the end and can be used to chop any chunks and left-over grass and roots. You should use a cultivator to remove rocks and other large pieces that don't belong.

When you begin planting, you will need some smaller tools. A trowel will prove invaluable to any gardener. They are used to transplant and help remove weeds. A trowel is simply a small hand shovel. You can also get a cultivator in a hand size.

Once your plants of started growing, you may need to prune them from time to time. For this, you will need some shears. Shears will help keep your bushes from over growing and by clipping back your plants, they will grow healthier and stronger.

Some other tools you may find useful include a hose, wheelbarrow, circle hoe, and fertilizers. You can use a watering can to water, but if you have a large garden, a hose will be much faster and more efficient. A wheelbarrow can help with gardening and any other yard work. A circle hoe is great to help weed your garden without killing your plants. It's important to keep up your garden by weeding it and keeping it watered on a regular basis. Let these tools help you keep a beautiful healthy garden the whole season.

Gardening Supplies

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