What to Grow in a Garden - 5 of the Easiest Things to Grow in Your Garden

So you want to start a garden but you aren't sure what to plant? Well here are five things that are easy to grow and delicious to eat. Gardening doesn't get better than that!

  1. Peas - peas are simple plants. They don't require much of their caretaker, just well tilled soil and sun. Peas don't even require fertilizer! They will grow just fine without it. However, it is probably best if you prepare the garden soil with nourishing compost or aged manure before you plant. It can't hurt to give them a little food! You may want to provide some support for your pea plants. Just put out some stakes and string a couple of rows of heavy string between them. This isn't necessary, but it will keep the plants off the ground and it will also make it easier to pick them. Once the peas start to come on you will want to pick them every day so they don't get old.
  2. Corn - Sweet corn is one of the easiest things to grown and it has long been a staple of backyard gardens. One thing to remember when you are planting corn, make sure you place it on the north or east side of your garden so the towering corn stalks don't shade the other plants. After your final harvest of corn on the cob, you can bundle the dried corn stalks and use them as fall decorations around your yard.
  3. Potatoes - Did you know that to plant potatoes, you simply cut up potatoes? You just cut the potatoes into pieces and make sure each piece has two to three 'eyes'. The potato plant will sprout from these eyes. No doubt you have had potatoes sprout in your pantry or fridge? That is what they will do in the ground to grow new potatoes. Now don't just plant the potatoes you buy at the supermarket. These potatoes have been treated to prevent sprouting. You will want to get seed potatoes from a nursery or garden center.
  4. Tomatoes - Many people are afraid to grow tomatoes because they haven't had luck with them in the past. You need to remember two things to grow tomatoes - don't plant them too early and make sure you support them. If you plant your tomato plants before the threat of frost is past, you will need to cover them with hot caps. Stake your tomatoes using wooden stakes or tomato cages. Tomato cages are easier since they support the plant all the way around. You will need to tie the plants to a wooden stake.
  5. Pumpkins - It is so fun to grow your own pumpkins for Halloween, especially if you have kids. If you don't want to grow pumpkins, squash falls into the same category. Just remember that will both pumpkins and squash you will need plenty of room because they will spread.


Gardening is a fun activity that the whole family can participate in. Grow foods you love and gardening will be even more rewarding for you!

What to Grow in a Garden - 5 of the Easiest Things to Grow in Your Garden

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