Best Time to See Fall Colors in New England

One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked that pertains to fall foliage travel, is "When is the Best Time to see the changing of the leaves?"

Predicting the exact timing is difficult as there are a lot of variables. Also, it depends on what areas you are visiting to see the fall foliage. You can see fall foliage as far south as Georgia and the Carolina's, as well as some areas of the Midwest, but for this articles, my focus is on New England fall foliage.


Witness the magnificent Fall Foliage of New England, starting in Boston and then traveling along Maine's rocky coast to Portland. Enjoy time in Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, picturesque Acadia National Park, and feast at a traditional Maine lobster bake. More stops in New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut will add to your unforgettable journey.

See oranges, yellows, reds, purples and browns burst into bloom in the autumn, painting a colorful backdrop to the white steeped villages of New England, the dramatic seascapes of Maritime Canada and the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

Keep in mind, fall colors can be affected by wind, temperature and moisture. Mother nature can be unpredictable, so try to make your trip for other sites & events around New England, as well as the changing of the leaves. Popular things to do include apple picking at a local orchard, attending festivals or county fairs, hiking and biking. The peak travel season is typically late-September to mid-October. We normally suggest after September 23rd through the 18th of October. Peak fall foliage in New England works its way down from the north. The further north you go, the earlier the peak. Many popular tour itineraries include Vermont, New Hampshire (Kancamagus Scenic Highway) and Massachusetts (the Mohawk Trail.)

Choose from various escorted tours and cruise itineraries to gain the full experience of what New England has to offer. As the season nears, there are many "Hotlines" to get up to date information on the changing of the season. You can also check the tourist board websites for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont for fall foliage and festival updates dedicated to their state.

Best Time to See Fall Colors in New England

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