A List of Gardening Tools

Gardening can be a very healing and nice past time.

Gardening tools and equipments make the job of managing the garden easier. It is better to have them in your gardening inventory.


Below are a list of some good to have garden tools and equipments:


A lawn mower is a gardening tool that has one or more revolving blades to cut a lawn at an even length.


They are modern gardening tools designed for cutting the hard compacted soil smoothly. This equipment helps extensively in preparing vegetable plots as well as flowerbeds.

Leaf sweeper

These gardening tools are extensively used for smaller lawns. It is having an infinite height adjustment with 200-liter collector.

Edge Trimmer

Edge trimmers are used for trimming and edging grass and cutting weeds. A commercial edge trimmer is usually motorized and has a two-cylinder gasoline engine.

Spading fork

This tool has flat tines that are designed for turning soil, lifting plants and separating perennials. A spading fork is less strenuous to use than a shovel for digging in rocky soil. By using this equipment, one is able to perform tasks such as parting of grasses and perennials.


This equipment is used for breaking up the clay soils. It is also useful for working around trees with the roots. There is no need to have a pick and a hoe and handles in your garden, if you are having mattock with you.

Well, that is all for the essay on gardening tools and equipments. Hope that it is useful. Thanks for reading.

A List of Gardening Tools

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