What is No Till Gardening?

No till gardening means that you do not dig and turnover soil to mix amendments the way you would in traditional gardening. In no till gardening, you do add amendments like compost, organic fertilizers, lime and manure but these are pulled into the soil by organisms present in the soil and by frequent watering.

This type of gardening is not as labor intensive as traditional gardening but works in the same manner to improve the soil structure of your garden. In this method of gardening, your overall landscape of the garden stays the same as you add organic matter using top dressing method.


The earthworms and microorganism present in the soil do all the hard work for you. Of course they have to be motivated and the motivation comes from the organic matter you keep adding onto the soil. Therefore, the no till gardening method involves mulching the soil to ensure that the soil gets all the nutrients it requires and this also helps to keep a healthy soil structure which ultimately benefits the plants that you grow.

This method also ensures that weeds are kept to the minimum. The fact that you are not tilling and adding mulch or compost each year prevents the weed seeds from coming to the surface of the soil to germinate.

If you are into organic gardening, then switching over to no till gardening should not be difficult. Let the earthworms and other microorganisms do all the work for you while you sit back and watch your plants flourish.

What is No Till Gardening?

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