The Benefits of Home Gardening

Home gardening is a very Green activity, and is extremely good for the environment helping reducing pollution levels in many communities. It is also a way to save money, and eat healthier food.

Economically speaking the resurgence of home farming could affect producers of food, that traditionally supplied more wealthier householders with their fruit and vegetables. Many of these products were imported from developing Countries, or in the case of Europe, new poorer members of the European Union.


There is no doubt that home gardening makes sense, we were dependent on factory farms that often used pesticides that were possibly linked to illnesses in many western Countries. Some of the products we ate, were part of the Globalization of agriculture, including importing poultry from Thailand.

Countries that may be hit by the new trend of home gardening, could be Thailand, that depends mainly on agriculture, Slovenia and Poland, both exporters to the EU. Whilst flower gardens are turned into vegetable, and fruit patches, and homeowners buy chickens, rather than purchase eggs from our supermarkets.

Being green out of economic necessity, is a trend we all may have to face in the future, as land may start to become scarcer because of rising sea levels, and our awareness of eating more healthy food, turns us away from more unhealthier factory farming produce.

However, like everything in this age of globalization, others were co-dependent on us for purchasing their food. And the big companies that produced the vegetables, eggs and poultry for us, are probably laying off workers, and reconsidering were they can find new markets, to a new generation of home gardeners.

The Benefits of Home Gardening

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