A Plastic 5 Gallon White Bucket Makes an Easy to Create Bucket Garden

If you travel to any home improvement store, you can easily find a plastic 5 gallon bucket to start your bucket garden project. Whether you use a 1 or 5 gallon bucket for your garden, it is very easy to get started and can quickly grow into larger a larger garden over time. To create your first garden bucket, start with a single 5 gallon container and drill a few holes for water drainage. When ready for the next step, add some topsoil and sprinkle in some compost to get prepare the vegetable plant for its new home. Add a vegetable plant (pepper, tomato or other) and you are done within a few minutes.

A Bucket garden consisting of 5 gallon plastic buckets can be very beneficial to the weekend warrior in several ways:


One of the benefits of a container garden is its portability. If you live in a home that does not provide optimal conditions for a stationary garden, bucket gardens can provide the flexibility you need to address issues like; minimal access to sunlight, strong wind conditions and animal invaders like the dreaded bunny. A bucket garden is a little tougher for animals to access and can be surrounded by fencing if needed.

A Plastic 5 Gallon White Bucket Makes an Easy to Create Bucket Garden

If you live in a condo or apartment, access to a private plot of land to grow vegetables may not be available. The large 5 gallon container can provide a small area for you to have your own piece of land for the herbs and vegetables you desire. Although they are not visually pleasing, they can easily be dressed up with some pastel paint for designs that add a bit of flair to your plastic 5 gallon bucket.

Back or knee concerns can be less of an issue as these large buckets can be placed on platforms for easier access during weeding, watering or harvesting activities. Of course, the initial lifting of the plastic pail can be a bit stressful, but once in place, there is less of a need for bending over.

Many beginning gardeners like the bucket garden approach to grow their vegetables in phases. You can start with a small number of containers at first, which can be less overwhelming and much easier to manage. Over time, you can increase the buckets in your garden when you feel you are ready. This can be a more organized approach and be less stressful as you decide which vegetables you want to plant. You may decide to add containers in sections or add vegetables by various growing seasons.

Mixing and matching garden containers can be a creative process and still practical. Adding something like an old clay chimney pot to a garden can add color and texture variation to the look and feel of your new found.

In summary, starting your bucket garden with plastic 5 gallon containers is an easy way to get your garden started. You can add containers gradually over time to increase the variety of plants or when time permits. Have fun with your garden by adding some color with basic paints or additional textures of tin buckets or other off the wall containers.

A Plastic 5 Gallon White Bucket Makes an Easy to Create Bucket Garden

A gallon storage container can be used to store just about anything. They can be used as containers in food grade situations such as for storing grains in the pantry over the winter. 5 gallon storage buckets are easy to use and can have many uses.