Create Your Own Garden Gazebo Landscape with These Garden Gazebo Landscaping Tips

Landscaping around a garden gazebo is relatively easy. There are many resources and books available that have specific landscape designs and plans. But by following the principles of outdoor design and decor listed below, it is possible for you to make your own garden design plan for your garden gazebo.

Determine the size and shape of the area you have for your garden gazebo and surrounding garden. This goes a long way in planning your design, and should be the first step in designing your garden gazebo area.


Decide the type of gazebo placement you prefer. You can choose to have a symmetrical design or an asymmetrical design. A symmetrical design can be thought of as a mirror image. When symmetry is present, you would be able to cut the gazebo down the middle and everything would be the same on each side. This works nice for Victorian style garden gazebo placement, with the same plants on each side and paths coming to the gazebo at the same place on each side. With an asymmetrical design, the garden gazebo is placed on one side of the garden, and everything leads up to it from one direction. This placement works nicely with a smaller area.

Make your landscape plan starting from the focal point of the garden gazebo and radiating outward. Begin planning what the immediate structures, plants, and flowers will be directly on and around the garden gazebo before you make the decisions about the perimeter area.

Become educated about the plants you want for your garden. Before buying any plants for your garden gazebo area, make sure that you know what type of conditions are ideal for each so that you avoid planting something in the wrong place. Also, be sure that you know the size the plants will reach, both height and width, to avoid having certain plants take over an area or crowd other plants or your garden gazebo.

Create Your Own Garden Gazebo Landscape with These Garden Gazebo Landscaping Tips

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