Earth Box Garden - Does the Earth Box Planter Work?

The Earth Box garden system has been around since 2001. It is a container gardening system, primarily targeting vegetable container gardens. Let's take a look at its features.

Size: It holds about 2 cubic feet of soil. This is plenty of room for a decent number of vegetable plants. For example, with that much room you could grow two tomato plants, or 8 medium size plants like pepper plants, broccoli, or cabbage. For smaller plants like peas or beans you could grow 16 plants in one container. Other commonly planted vegetables include artichokes, strawberries, and squash. It works great as an herb garden, and obviously could be used as a flower container as well. The size is perfect for a patio or balcony.


Self Watering: The system has a built in reservoir for holding the water for the garden. With this system it is supposed to be self watering, as long as you keep the watering reservoir of the Earth Box topped off.

Mobile: There is an optional caster set for this garden container. That is a good idea, because with 2 cubic feet of soil, and the water in the reservoir the planter can get quite heavy, and if you need to move it the weight would be a problem without some sort of wheels. This allows you to easily put it in a place where it can get the required six to eight hours of sunlight every day.

Staking System: Since the Earth Box is marketed as a vegetable growing system, some of the most popular types of garden plants like tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers and other vines will need some type of staking system. There is an optional staking system that you can buy that maintains the stability of the system, since staking directly into the container itself would make it prone to tipping over.

Weed control: The Earth Box system includes a soil cover that is intended to help maintain moisture while keeping weeds down and soil born pests at bay.

There are a few more things about watering and fertilization you need to know to make the Earth Box as productive as possible...

Earth Box Garden - Does the Earth Box Planter Work?

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