Flower Garden Design With Concrete Fountains

A concrete fountain is a great addition to any backyard, since it can transform yard into an entirely different outdoor living space. They can be placed into almost any garden setting, giving your garden the theme or perhaps time period you envisioned. Concrete patios can also put a lot of charm into a small space, making it easy to create an amazing living space in even the smallest of backyards.

Types of Concrete Fountains


Concrete fountains come in two different types. They can either be wall fountains or standing fountains, both of which look amazing in garden settings! Wall fountains are ideal for spaces that have a wall to place them, such as a small backyard or patio area. Because they work best when in a viewable area, having them close to a sitting area is the best place for them. Standing fountains are great for gardens that do not have wall space for a hanging fountain, and can work great in a number of different settings. You can use your fountain as the center of a landscaped garden design, or even place it near your garden sitting area for optimal viewing. You can set one next to a pond or area of water you may have near your garden, or even tuck it inside a beautiful flower bed to draw more attention to it.

Concrete Fountains: Styles and Colors

There are a number of different styles and colors of fountains that you can use in your flower garden, all of which can offer a different style to your space. You can opt for an outdoor fountain to stick with the theme of your outdoor garden, or even go for a more classic look made out of brick if you have a country theme going on. While the majority of fountains are made out of concrete, you can find various finishes that will look great in almost any setting.

If you plan on designing your garden around the fountain you choose, there are a number of different possibilities you can pursue. The type of plants and flowers you should include in your garden will depend on the time of year or you can even choose those that are in bloom all year long. Standing concrete fountains work great with luscious flowers that are packed full of color, since the various colors can actually bring attention to your fountain. If you are going for a softer look, you can try adding small palms or trees near your water feature to bring attention to that area of your garden.

If you decide on installing wall fountains you'll want to make sure your landscape design brings attention to them as well. Planting tall plants on either side of the fountain will help to draw attention, while smaller and spaced out flowers will actually make your fountain the center of attention in your entire flower garden. Rose bushes work well when planted next to a hanging fountain, and you can even wrap the vines from the plant around your fountain once the vines have grown long enough.

Including concrete fountains in your garden area can make it a charming welcoming area, transforming your garden with an entirely different look and feel. You can choose to purchase your water feature and then plan your landscaping around it, or you may even consider placing wall fountains to an already existing patio garden, for example. No matter what you choose, a fountain will look great in your flower garden space.

Flower Garden Design With Concrete Fountains

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