How to Maintain Your Garden

You need to maintain your garden in order to keep it looking neat and clean and to make sure your plants remain healthy.

The simplest way to spruce up your garden is to keep it free from weeds. Weeds not only spoil the look of the garden but also attract various insects and plant diseases. These diseases and pests spread from the weeds to the other plants. This apart, weeds snatch away nutrients and water from garden plants.


You should free your garden of weeds even before you begin planting any kind of garden plant. Once you've planted your garden, you should clean it every week for young weeds that sprout out every now and then. As long as you don't allow the young weeds to mature and develop stronger roots, you will be in a position of control.

The next step to a clean garden is to periodically remove any debris or rubbish that may blow into your garden. Keep a look out for any over-ripe fruits and remove them immediately as they attract pests and rodents. Take a walk through your garden everyday and assess the health of the plants. If you find any damage caused by animals or insects try to get a fix on the cause and try to prevent further damage. As you are walking, carry a pair of shears to remove any wilted flowers.

Many people like keeping a notebook where they jot down the names of plants in their garden and draw a map showing the location of each. This notebook could be useful if you are selling your property and would like the new owner to know the kind of plants that present in the garden. You could have other uses for the notebook as well. You could create reminders about when each plant will be likely to blossom.

You can also make a list of those plants that bloomed well and those that did not. This way you can avoid planting those that did not show any results.

If you have a vegetable garden, draw a sketch so that you can mark out the locations of crops. This will help you in rotating your crops in the current year. For instance, corn and tomatoes should never be planted in the same place for two consecutive years. This is why a map of your vegetable garden is very essential.

When you reach the end of the growing season, you should clean up your garden by discarding diseased plants and pulling up woody stalks, vegetable plants and annuals that have already bloomed to add them to the compost pile.

How to Maintain Your Garden

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